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About PHP :: as i understand

PHP is a fast growing open source server side scripting language and written to be used for web programming.

PHP was originally written by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, mostly people does not exactly know what is the meaning of PHP or why this amazing language is named PHP. Rasmus Lerdorf initially created PHP to display his resume and to collect certain data, such as how much traffic his page was receiving. He called it ‘Personal Home Page Tool’, so now you know why it is named PHP (the present meaning of the PHP is ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’).

In 1997, two Israeli developers (Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans from Israel Institute of Technology) rewrote the parser and formed the base of PHP 3 (changing the language’s name to the recursive initialism “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”).

The official launch of PHP came in June 1998 after months of Beta Testing (and the fun begin). The latest version of PHP is 5.2.0 (till Feb 08, 2007, the day i wrote this post). The home of PHP is here http://www.php.net

The future of this language is very bright as so many contributors and a huge user base support are helping it to grow BIG .

I am a teacher TODAY

Two days ago my second cousin joined my forces to learn about the amazing language PHP (i forget to mention before this i was a one man army). I left him with few books and links of websites to start with some reading about website and internet and about the languages or tools to be used to develop web applications and website back ends. And today from morning teaching him about PHP, telling him all the things to be known as on beginner level a person should know. He is quiet intelligent and learning very fast.

But the most amazing thing i feel today is that i am teaching someone for the first time in my life and enjoying it too. Just couple of years ago when i started learning PHP, that was time was very tough because no one was there to teach me and even internet was having less resources as compared the present time. But i feel amazing as reaching on this level.

I must say learning is great and i love to do this every day.


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