The Future of the Internet?

Here is a thought-provoking video that presents a vision of what the Internet might become before the end of the century. Will Google eventually attain world domination? Will copyright laws be one day a thing of the past? Enjoy the show!

Good & Useful cheat * Cheat Sheets *

It’s very difficult to be regular on blog but i am trying my best. It’s been couple of days i was away again but again i am back with some sweet knowledge.

The most useful thing to a developer or designer or someone else like gamer or something is Cheat Sheet. If you don’t know what it is let me tell you a little.

What is Cheat Sheet?
A cheat sheet is a physical piece of paper, often filled with equations and facts in compressed writing. Various tools can be used to produce cheat sheets, besides pen and paper.

The computer industry has many cheat sheets due to the high number of commands and actions one must learn to use programming languages and command-line interfaces. Professionally prepared cheat sheets for some subjects are available for purchase.

But i am not here to sell any of those, i am here with few links to freely available Cheat Sheets and to me all are very useful. Here the links ( i am not giving any download, have it yourself )

It’s not necessary that only programming languages has Cheat Sheets, Cheat Sheets can relate to any information available. Following are more links to useful Cheat Sheets most users of Internet should have.

I think i have taken a lot space on screen. Links are countless and i have tried to be as short as possible and as good content as possible. Open the links get the Cheat Sheet you like and have fun with it. I will keep updating this post as i get more links & time.

PS: The most thanks to Jack Daniel as he has worked on great Cheat Sheets. You can check his website at Thanks Jack!

Back to myBlog with few Database Connections

Last two weeks were very hactic and tiring. I attended lots of work and meetings in these days and didn’t get time to post on myBlog.

Well here i am again with some cool and new stuff i found on net in these days, ready to share with readers and implement in my programming.

I will try to be regular on posting from now on, i really missed it. Well all this later, now to the point.

Last week, while searching on net i again found a useful site named

What is this About?
(from the website)
The idea of is to provide an easy reference for connection strings.Today there is 178 connection strings in the database wich have been collected from other internet sites, books, help files, msdn etc or have been submitted by fellow developers from all around the world, Thank You!

(From Me)
As it says (not clearly) the website provides you the connection strings to connect to different database through programming languages like .NET and/or more.

Well it is not much useful for me now but may be in future, as it does not relate to PHP. But hey it is a useful site and should be mentioned here.

Go here and check out yourself that if they provide connection string you are looking for.

Enjoy !

Amazing Tools

Internet is full of amazing things, the most i am amazed of is the tools we can use for free. This is a start of my series of amazing tools i found on Internet and here is the first one.

As it’s name explains everything this tools provides the user names & passwords of most common sites on Internet where you have to register against your will to get some useful knowledge. Firstly I thought it’s illegal but when I read more about this amazing tool I found it is doing a great job. They just collect user names & passwords from users itself (from the users who like to share their login information with others) and just doing efforts to make it available to others. Following are few lines from their website:

  • It’s important to keep in mind that all of the gears listed on are created by users. If you can’t find a working gear for a site then you are encouraged to register with that website and then add the gear to for other users to use. Never enter your real login details into because everyone else will be able to see the information you provide!

They call every ‘Username & Password’ a Gear, so they named it LoginGear. ( well that’s cool! )

They have also provided a voting system for the Gears as if one is not working then you can vote for it to remove the non-functional Gear from the site.

So look at it yourself and have good use of it. The site address is

enjoy !

My Internet Search

Today i have decided to share my knowledge with anonymous readers of this blog. I mostly will share my development experiences and the links of useful information lying naked on Internet, i mean available to everyone. I hope this will help lots of people around the world.

enjoy with me

cheers !

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