Google’s PageRank :: what is it?

While searching on net about Google’s PageRank, I came across very detailed article on Google’s PageRank. Not to forget the article is written by Phil Craven and this articles explains the depths of Google’s PageRank. Don’t be curious the link is here:

Another interesting and informational site I found is, it is enough informational to get around SEO stuff (Search Engine Optimization) and it has one module for Google only.

OK for further readers i have very interesting and useful information, specially for webmasters. If you need to see your web page’s PageRank without installing Google Toolbar then you need to see following link:

  • :- They give you javascript code to paste on your web pages which will display current page’s Google PageRank. You can also check your web pages rank on their website. The service is totally free.
  • Firefox & Mozilla Extension :- This will install an extension to your browser to show current page’s Google PageRank in status bar.
  • :- It is another tool to check your Google PageRank online and you can also show a form on your site to let users check their page ranks by pasting some code from this site.
  • :- This is also an cool tool to use. They simply provide little HTML code to paste into your page to show current page’s Google PageRank.

There are more tools but i am not willing to search more as i am satisfy with the above available, but if you are interested to dig more just Google for ‘Google PageRank’ and see 30,900,000 results and pick suitable one for yourself.

I will prefer as this tool is simple to use and can work even if scripts are disabled in user’s browser because they provide HTML code which will be rendered by every known browser arround. The following is the DEMO and my blog’s current Google PageRank

Page Rank Tool

p.s: well my blog’s page rank is not good at this time. I hope for good ranking in future.

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