Need to show live clock on your blog/web page?

  • you want to show a live clock (digital/analog) on your website?
  • Don’t know or have the code to do so?
  • Not able to develop a script to do the work for you?
  • You have script/code but it is not fancy enough to suit your website?

well i have a link to all of above questions (point me if i missed one).

The Internet is full of amazing tools and amazing people who are working hard to develop the cool tools for people like us you just enjoy it. Well this is enough i tell you the link.

Yesterday i was looking for good live clock script in javascript to show a digital clock on a web-application, i had one with me but it was not good enough and i didn’t want to hack the script so i went to Lord of knowledge base ‘Google’ and ask him to give me the solution and he put this link in my search bucket.

I am writing about a site named, they company who owns it has produced an amazing tool for Internet and free of cost. If you need to show an fancy and themed clock on your website or blog or any personal page, just go to and select a clock from their gallery, click on it and copy code from new opened window to your page. Nothing else to do. Now go to page you just added their code and see the clock just right there where you pasted it in your page. More information can be taken from their website like how to paste there code on different blog sites to show up the clock.

They provide you flash or javascript code, choose whichever suits your need (some blog sites does not allow javascript codes, you can embed a flash object to show clock). They will also guide you according to your blog site.

It is really cool tool and A beautiful demo is on right top corner of this blog as you have noticed already on the home page of this blog. Here is another one below:

Blogging is Good

I started blogging just a few days before but i think i am starting liking it. It lets you say whatever you want to say without anyone else to interfear.

I thankyou the one who invented this service and to one who made it available without cost.

thank you all people for your efforts

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