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Cricket World Cup Schedule

Great news for fans and supporters of cricket! Due to the upcoming Cricket World Cup tournament, presented a wonderfully crafted schedule called AceFixtures for Cricket World Cup. It is designed for MS Excel, contains no macros and works fully automatically. It fills in group tables without delay according to the game results you specify, which is very convenient. Cricket World Cup Schedule is just a thing for a devoted cricket supporter!

The observation of the game results is remarkably simple in schedule. All you need to do for working with this schedule is to fill in match results. Specify the winning team by marking the field next to it with any symbol, like + or W and leave the defeated team’s field untouched. Everything else will be done right away by Cricket World Cup Schedule. It will automatically work out teams positions in a group and show the contenders from the Second Stage to the great Final. The way AceFixtures is organized makes it a valuable helper for any ardent fan.

With Cricket World Cup schedule you will always be aware when your favorite team starts playing since it is possible to choose the country you are supporting, highlighting matches of the team from the selected country. Choose your favorite and see with whom and when the team is to compete.

Follow up the results of every game in a marvelous schedule dedicated to Cricket World Cup. With AceFixtures you’ll be ahead of the game and know about every event in the tournament. The team needs your support, so don’t miss Cricket World Cup Schedule and enjoy a good competitive spirit!

Here is the download link:

Need to show live clock on your blog/web page?

  • you want to show a live clock (digital/analog) on your website?
  • Don’t know or have the code to do so?
  • Not able to develop a script to do the work for you?
  • You have script/code but it is not fancy enough to suit your website?

well i have a link to all of above questions (point me if i missed one).

The Internet is full of amazing tools and amazing people who are working hard to develop the cool tools for people like us you just enjoy it. Well this is enough i tell you the link.

Yesterday i was looking for good live clock script in javascript to show a digital clock on a web-application, i had one with me but it was not good enough and i didn’t want to hack the script so i went to Lord of knowledge base ‘Google’ and ask him to give me the solution and he put this link in my search bucket.

I am writing about a site named, they company who owns it has produced an amazing tool for Internet and free of cost. If you need to show an fancy and themed clock on your website or blog or any personal page, just go to and select a clock from their gallery, click on it and copy code from new opened window to your page. Nothing else to do. Now go to page you just added their code and see the clock just right there where you pasted it in your page. More information can be taken from their website like how to paste there code on different blog sites to show up the clock.

They provide you flash or javascript code, choose whichever suits your need (some blog sites does not allow javascript codes, you can embed a flash object to show clock). They will also guide you according to your blog site.

It is really cool tool and A beautiful demo is on right top corner of this blog as you have noticed already on the home page of this blog. Here is another one below:

Google’s PageRank :: what is it?

While searching on net about Google’s PageRank, I came across very detailed article on Google’s PageRank. Not to forget the article is written by Phil Craven and this articles explains the depths of Google’s PageRank. Don’t be curious the link is here:

Another interesting and informational site I found is, it is enough informational to get around SEO stuff (Search Engine Optimization) and it has one module for Google only.

OK for further readers i have very interesting and useful information, specially for webmasters. If you need to see your web page’s PageRank without installing Google Toolbar then you need to see following link:

  • :- They give you javascript code to paste on your web pages which will display current page’s Google PageRank. You can also check your web pages rank on their website. The service is totally free.
  • Firefox & Mozilla Extension :- This will install an extension to your browser to show current page’s Google PageRank in status bar.
  • :- It is another tool to check your Google PageRank online and you can also show a form on your site to let users check their page ranks by pasting some code from this site.
  • :- This is also an cool tool to use. They simply provide little HTML code to paste into your page to show current page’s Google PageRank.

There are more tools but i am not willing to search more as i am satisfy with the above available, but if you are interested to dig more just Google for ‘Google PageRank’ and see 30,900,000 results and pick suitable one for yourself.

I will prefer as this tool is simple to use and can work even if scripts are disabled in user’s browser because they provide HTML code which will be rendered by every known browser arround. The following is the DEMO and my blog’s current Google PageRank

Page Rank Tool

p.s: well my blog’s page rank is not good at this time. I hope for good ranking in future.

Hey!Watch :: Online Video Encoding Platform

This is an addition to my list of amazing tools on web and i was looking for this tool for long time and it came up to me in a sudden. To check out click here or keep reading further.

To use this tool you need to register first nothing else to do and you get a lot of features to convert your video files to any format you like. It has following features to enjoy:

  • Video encoding in any format you want
  • Well aware of today’s growing number of multimedia devices
  • Grabbing Video Clips from Web Sites (even when there is no download link)
  • Smart notification – RSS and Ping
  • Customizable video encoding and file format conversion
  • Video encoding platform – API
  • Usability, interface and ease of use
  • Accessible from everywhere and from any device

They are providing two types of accounts, one is totally free but limited to some features (as limited monthly encode sessions etc.) and few less features then paid account but believe me after using this tool you will love to pay them for beautiful work they are doing for you. They ask for very little amount which will not pinch your pocket ($5/month & $40/year)

So stop reading here and check out the cool tool.

The Link:

Amazing Tools

Internet is full of amazing things, the most i am amazed of is the tools we can use for free. This is a start of my series of amazing tools i found on Internet and here is the first one.

As it’s name explains everything this tools provides the user names & passwords of most common sites on Internet where you have to register against your will to get some useful knowledge. Firstly I thought it’s illegal but when I read more about this amazing tool I found it is doing a great job. They just collect user names & passwords from users itself (from the users who like to share their login information with others) and just doing efforts to make it available to others. Following are few lines from their website:

  • It’s important to keep in mind that all of the gears listed on are created by users. If you can’t find a working gear for a site then you are encouraged to register with that website and then add the gear to for other users to use. Never enter your real login details into because everyone else will be able to see the information you provide!

They call every ‘Username & Password’ a Gear, so they named it LoginGear. ( well that’s cool! )

They have also provided a voting system for the Gears as if one is not working then you can vote for it to remove the non-functional Gear from the site.

So look at it yourself and have good use of it. The site address is

enjoy !

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