Actionscript Videos Tutorials by Santo Romano

Great video tutorials for learning Flash Actionscript 2.0 at by Santo Romano. These video tutorials are same like found on but the only difference is that all the videos are not free. Few basic videos are free just to get the quality & measure the contents of paid videos. But even if they are paid its worth for it and will not pinch out your pockets. Just $19.99 to download all the videos. I think it is worth to spend money on Visual Learning then purchasing a book and fondling pages around not getting everything.

Video Highlights (from site):

  • Use HTML and CSS in Flash
  • Enable the browser ‘back’ button in Flash
  • Build a fast loading compartmental Flash site.
  • Load external text files into your Flash movies.
  • Build pre-loaders with Actionscript.
  • Become familiar with universal programming concepts and techniques.
  • Covers the same material taught in $300 classes!

So if you are willing to learn some Actionscirpt you must check out

p.s: it is also a part of network

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